We honestly think we give you the best service for the best price, but don't take our word for it. Here's a few of the testimonials that our clients have been more than happy to give us after we've worked for them. 

I got some branding for my facebook page and website. They are very good at explaining what they are doing and it was done so quickly. They have helped me get higher rankings on Google and helped me set up a youtube page. Thank you so much, I wouldn't have had a clue how to do this work myself.

- Andy Walker, Fasting & Fitness

We hired MWM Last year to help re-brand our social media and come up with a scheme for content, then push social media advertisements and search engine ads for our products. Over a 3 month span from the day we signed the contract to the last day of the ads we saw our highest sales over a monthly period triple. We made over 2000% of the ad spend and are extremely happy with our experience. The staff are friendly, have tons of knowledge on everything we needed and were already thinking 10 steps ahead of us when we were planning our direction.

We'd highly recommend MWM to our friends and family, and to anyone with a small business but big dreams. Thanks again!

- Jack, Rapture Merch

I got a logo designed by MWM. They were really quick, I had a new logo within a couple of days! They give really friendly service and are easy to deal with. Good designs and well thought out. Would definitely recommend!

- Mark Prest, MP Plumbing

Matti designed and built my website and created all of my branding and I totally love it. I even have a few designs for merchandise when I get started with that! MWM are so easy to work with. Highly recommended! 

- Sarah Guthrie, Body and Pole Fitness Studio

I asked MWM for help in understanding web analytics and for help with optimizing my website and content. They were really great to work with and fully explained everything I needed to know (and even dumbed it down for me!). They even sent me bits of info and ideas I could use every now and then after we worked together just because they care about other peoples businesses. These guys really want everyone to do well and I hope the same for them! I saw a big increase in traffic after they helped me set things straight and organize everything and i'm really happy I went with this little group of lads instead of a big company. They're so friendly and easy to talk to and I just don't think you'd get the same level of help from any of the bigger local businesses for such a good price!

- Passive Pod Team

We got the guys from MWM to help us set up our social media and show us how to interact with, and grow, our customer base. When they said they could also run ads to help quickly boost our sales we were skeptical as we'd tried leaflets and business cards before but we made 40 times more money than we spent on the ads! Couldn't recommend these lads enough. We're now working with them to help us create a website and will definitely be using them in the future for social media and the website blog. They offer so many services that i'm sure we'll be using them for years. 


- Steve, Brendon Garage