Search Engine Optimisation

Got an amazing shiny website that looks amazing and has a ton of content on your blog, but still struggling to get up the rankings on Google? Well, that's probably down to your Search Engine Optimisation. SEO Is what goes on behind the scenes on your website. It's ticking all of the boxes to the questions that search engines want to know. By doing this, it gives that search engine more info to help you rank better. 

Search engines like to keep their algorithms secret. This helps prevent people abusing the system and getting irrelevant or inappropriate websites to the number one ranking. We do, however, know a lot of the things that go in to it. Some things such as how you format headings definitely play a role, and things such as social media activity does play a role, but it isn't publicised for certain how much that impacts the algorithm. 

We start our SEO fixes with an audit. We crawl through your website looking at the behind the scenes details that search engines check, and we create a list with any errors and tell you what the error is and what page it's on. After that you can either have a go at correcting them yourself or you can leave it up to us! 

To get your SEO Audit, just drop us a message in the message box below! 

Prices Start from £19.99 for the Audit and £79.99 to implement or correct SEO.

MWM Search engine optimisation