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Top 10 tips for Making Great Content

Many new and existing businesses are flocking to Facebook to be discovered by a new audience, and so they should. With 2.7 billion monthly users, its safe to say there's a big audience there, especially if you offer products and services worldwide!

But its not just a case of "if you build it they will come". Businesses and creators need to constantly be luring in new clients and entertaining the existing ones. The best (but not only) way to do this is with your content.

Content is simply what you give to your audience online, its what you post. Be it images, quotes, blog posts, special offers or competitions, what you post is what people will see from your business and if they like it, they'll interact with it. If they interact with it then your page will rank higher and it'll be easier to spread out online, gaining a bigger audience.

Easier said than done though. It can be hard enough just thinking about content to post, never mind creating and actually posting it. Relax though, we've got your back.

Here's a Top 10 tips for making great content.

Number 1: Be Interesting

The top priority of your content should be whether it's interesting or not. Think about your business or brand, but also about what your customers are genuinely interested in. When you spark interest in them, they're more likely to interact and as we've previously said, that's a great thing for your business and page.

By providing valuable information that captures the intrigue of your readers and audience it'll build a strong friendship between you all. The trick is to not focus solely on you and your business. Think about related niches you can cover. These are things that link to your business but aren't directly covered by your business.

Think Rockstar energy drinks and Ken Blocks amazing driving skills. Or Microsoft and server builders. Apple and artists/designers.

2. Post a range of Content

You can post images, text, links, videos, contests.. the list goes on. But how do you utilise all of these?

We're going to use an example here, lets say you own a car repair garage.

- Images - post pictures of before and after fixing things. Photos of your staff at work. Photos of advice and tips for car maintenance.

- Text - Ask questions, when was the last time your customers got their car serviced? If its a long time then throw down a discount for the next month and reap the rewards.

- Links - New cars come out all the time, what about the pros and cons of new cars? A top 10 list for buying second hand cars?

- Videos - Post videos of your staff at work, videos of cars working after a big part replacement, the engine sound of a nice car starting up.

- Contests - Inspire people to interact by posting potential prizes, be it a free mot or all new fluids. You could ask them to comment their best driving experience, or post a photo of their fave car. Pick one person that wins then inbox the rest of the people saying "sorry, you didn't win this time but here's 10% off your next mot" to get not only the winner, who'll likely share it socially, but you entice every other person that entered.

Number 3 - Prompt response with a question.

Addressing people personally and respecting their opinion and knowledge will get people to love you very quickly. If you show you care about them they'll become emotionally invested in your page and that's very good for selling. You can do this by asking a question at the end of every post and replying to the audience responses.

More engagement will boost your posts further and spread your business, treat your audience right and they'll keep coming back.

Number 4 - Post often, but not constant

The number one reason for ditching a Facebook friend is having useless posts shoved in your face continuously. We've all had that Farmville/Candy crush/8 ball pool friend filling up your notifications and news feeds. Nobody likes it. Save your quality content and give small drips to your audience instead of throwing a cup of water in their face.

We recommend posting 3 to 5 times a week for main content. Standalone questions or small links keep those to up to 2 times per week. If you have a big change your working on, such as if you're re-branding, making a website or putting a big competition together, keep it to a thread. Post something like "would anyone be interested on giving advice for a website change or putting a competition together?" then take it to the comments of that thread. The people interested will be updated and you won't spam the people that don't want it.

Number 5 - Open your page to public posts

One of the best ways to get a dialogue with your customers is by being open and letting them post on your wall. Invite them in so that if there's any issues, you can publicly address and resolve it, showing others that you're active in fixing issues and want to help your audience.

Number 6 - Be careful with cross platform sharing

Instagram allows you to share instantly to Facebook and twitter with each post. Sure you might have exciting things you want to shout to all of your audiences, but these platforms have different needs and interests, and different expectations in formatting for the posts.

As a general rule of thumb:

Instagram - hashtags are expected

Twitter - @s, hashtags and short, to the point posts are expected

Facebook - Hashtags and @s look unprofessional, posts should have a little more info in them.

Number 7 - Competitions

We're going to throw competitions, giveaways and contests into their own section here, because they're great at driving interactions from your audience and there's ways you can drive more sales from them.

Let's use an example. Let's say you run a pet grooming service. Your giveaway might be to "Comment your best pet photo on this status, winner gets a free pet hair cut!". You could even make it seasonal, be that Halloween, summer, spring, Star Wars day.. up to you! So initially, you're giving away a free haircut, which might set you back perhaps £15 out of pocket for the price of the haircut.

Now if you get let's say 30 comments from people, you've now got 1 definite customer or winner, and 29 leads for a cost of £15 for the winning haircut. At the end of the competition, announce the winner. They come in for their free hair cut, they might take a photo and share it on Facebook, getting you more free exposure. However, you can also send a message to every other person that entered, saying "Sorry you didn't win, as a consolation prize, here's 10% off your next pet haircut". Let's say 3 of those people are regular customers that would have bought a hair cut from you anyway, but 12 of the remaining people are happy to take you up on your 10% off coupon and become new customers.

Initial giveaway: -£15

3 regular customers: -£4.50

12 new customers at 10% off: £162

The remaining 14 leads that didn't convert: £0

So overall this giveaway campaign netted a profit of £142.50 just from 30 leads. If your page grows then chances are you'll get a lot more than that. Competitions and giveaways are an excellent way to boost sales and have a great social side if one of the requirements is to like and share the post too! Just be careful not to post them too often, maybe once per 3 months is a safe bet unless you have thousands wanting to enter the competition, then you can kick it up a notch.

Number 8 - Flow with the seasons

Different things happen at different times of the year. An obvious example is Christmas. You could do bigger giveaways at Christmas, either to give your products as gifts or if you offer required services, such as if you're a garage that offers MOTs, give one away for free so people have more money to spend on Christmas. Another is new years, this is a great period for gyms and health foods as many people start their new years diets. Giveaways are much more appreciated here!

Throughout the year, take up every opportunity you have to give value to your customers, they'll appreciate it.

Number 9 - Be concise

People do spend a lot of time on Facebook, but for individual pages and posts they have very small attention spans. Make your descriptions short and sweet and include a clear call to arms or a link to more info.

Long speeches are okay occasionally but only when making a big statement that could go viral. For everything else, just get to the point while maintaining a human approach. Be funny, inspire, but make it obvious as to what you want your audience to do.

And finally, Number 10 - Just be yourself

Take what we've given you here and just do your best. Everything is a learning curve and your business will take all sorts of forms through its (hopefully) long existence. Be informed and take this information in, but at the end of the day your audience is attracted to the vibe you give out, be genuine and if you go full on with the social posts and it doesn't work, just start over and do something else.

Your audience like your page because they find you useful and like your content, just be honest and if something isn't working, you can ask them for help. Throw out a questionnaire post or a poll, ask your audience what they value about your content and ask for topics or ideas they'd like to see in the future. This'll work more when you get a few hundred people interacting with you, but til then just wing it, you'll get there.

We're in your corner and we're rooting for you. If you need any focused help from us then we're here for you! drop us an email or message us over on Facebook and we'll help you out.

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