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Needing a boost to your sales or audience? Wanting to build brand awareness? It might be time to get in to PPC Advertising, or Pay Per Click Ads. Also known as Cost Per Click ads, the idea is that you only pay for the amount of clicks you get. You pick your target audience, create your ad materials and designs, select a daily budget or a time scale and let it run. 

Sounds easy right? Nope. The key is in the targeting, it needs to be honed in on your ideal market, but that needs to be backed up by visuals that appeal to those people. To help with this we offer A/B targeting, we target one demographic with two or three ads for a small timescale, then see which is most successful and promote that one for the rest of the duration. We can also split demographics up by things such as age, location, interests and gender, then target those individually too so you're almost personally targeting different customer sets. 

We launch PPC ad Campaigns on Facebook and Google. To start helping you, we need to have either a meeting or a few back and forth emails to really pinpoint the right demographics, the products or services you want to promote and work out the best way to visually entice people. 

To start, leave us a message in the contact form below! 

Prices start from £49.99 per month


We're currently based near Middlesbrough, UK and can offer 1-on-1 consultations in the local area (+20 Miles). 

All our other services are available online to customers worldwide. 


Email: for enquiries or follow us on social media and get in touch there. One of our team will be in contact with you ASAP. 

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