Our Friends

A lot of the people we work with are fairly local to us, and as such they give great recommendations to their customers and their friends. This is where we do the same, because without these guys we wouldn't keep the lights on and we couldn't afford to give everyone else great service for great prices. Click the icons to find out more about them, and the work we've done for them. 

Brendon Garage logo.png

Brendon Garage is a local garage in Billingham. We've worked on their social media, the website, their SEO, some backlinking, their social content strategy and we've written blog posts for them. 

They give excellent service at fair prices and are incredibly helpful. You can check them out here.

GS Autos Logo clean blue.png

GS Auto's is ran by Gary, a master mechanic and an excellent welder! In our time helping other businesses we've never met another business owner who's so thoughtful towards his customers. We've worked with his social media and consulted with Gary around advertising and marketing techniques. Find out more about GS Autos here.


The Yoga Mike Group offer yoga classes for adults and children. They've recently gone with a re-brand and MWM has helped with their website, content strategy, social media, SEO and Matti (the boss) works with YogaMike as freelance. Find out more about Yoga Mike here.


Fasting and Fitness is a blog style box of resources aimed at educating people about the food they eat, relying on science to either debunk or enforce popular sections of diet culture, as well as look into some societal issues. They're currently working on a big chunk of recipes for plant based diets. MWM build the site and started the blog, you can check them out here.


Body2Fit offer a range of physical therapy services including Sports Injury Therapy, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Accupuncture and Yoga. MWM regularly helps them with their Search Engine Optimisation and backlinks. Find out more about Body2Fit here.

Magic x Mood Logo favicon.jpg

MagicxMood is a blog close to our hearts. The owner lost a loved one to mental health and was inspired to help others try to cope with either their own mental health or with their grief. MWM built the website and we are happy to stand by such an important resource for those suffering.

Check out MagicxMood here.

HSS Faviconclear.png

Hollywood Screenplay Services aim to help writers improve their scripts with paid and free services. They'll be working on their blog section will give free help to boost your writing skills! MWM Made the website, did the SEO and helped start the blog, which you can find here.

Body and pole new logo.png

MWM Digital has been working with Body & Pole Fitness Studio for around 6 months now and in that time we've worked really close with them in building their website, we've created content for them and we've been part of their events and competitions! Their instructors are amazing and professional - every lesson is full of laughs and a serious work out so if you're looking to lose some weight and gain some strength along with heaps of confidence, then a membership at Body & Pole is a must!

Fasting Vegan Logo.png

The Fasting Vegan is primarily a recipe site for both quick and easy, and more difficult meals. It's a one stop shop for you to get inspiration for Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Desserts and Snacks, they even have Gluten Free options!

We designed the site, helped them with social media and even sourced some of the recipes, so go check them out! 

Herbal Hemp logo and website.png

Herbal Hemp are leading the way for other CBD shops around the North east of England. They're located in Hartlepool and stock everything from bath bombs and face masks to CBD Vape Juice and CBD Flowers. Find out how CBD can help you and find a great deal on their website and in their shop!

The spectral witch icon.png

The Spectral Witch is here for those who want to peer beyond the veil. Those who know and can feel that there is more after death. MWM Made the website, did the SEO and helped with the blog and store. Find them here. 

Craft my bits up.jpg

We've been working with Stacey from Craft My Bits up for a few months and she is seriously impressive! From balloon sculptures to personalized hand crafted merch, she can do it all! If you're interested in her services click here.


Welcome to Your Pet Guides! Your go-to place for All Things Pets. We offer free resources to help inform current, or potential pet owners to help them make the best decisions and help them through tough times diagnosing illnesses. We'll keep you up to date with health and well being advice, behaviour control, breeds and species, beginner guides and product reviews to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe. 


Rapture Merch was set up by a group of uni grads to keep their creative side alive while they got part time work. They create clothing designs based around gaming and music. MWM helped them with advertising and social content strategies. 


We've been friends with the owner of the Paw Parlour for years. We've recently helped her with a logo design and will be working on her website soon. If you're wanting to get your puppy a hair cut then you need someone who loves animals, has talent and who's fairly priced. Click here to check The Paw Parlour out.

Smooth Vapourz Logo.png

Smooth Vapourz, based in Hartlepool, UK, are leading the way in the world of vape. Stocking only the best hardware and vape liquids, they're the place to be for vapers in the North East! They'll bring you the best deals and expert knowledge to help, no matter if you're brand new to vaping or you've got a few clouds under your belt!