The difference between Branding and a Logo is often confused. Simply put, a Logo is an image that represents your company or business, whereas it's Branding is the whole package. The logo is usually one of the first things customers come into contact with relating to your business, and the branding is everything thereafter. 

Branding is package design, social media banners, leaflets, advertisements, product photography, store design. With bigger companies it's celebrity endorsements, product placement in TV and Movies, sponsorships etc. 

When we work with clients to improve or create their branding we have a lot of back and forth - we can't just accept the job and then send you a bunch of files after a few days. I mean we could, if that's all you wanted we could create you a starting point for it all. But for us Branding is something that's thought showered, built and improved over time, be that a relatively short time or a long time. This is why we start with a meeting and go from there. 

To book a meeting with us or for more info, fill in the contact form below and we'll email you back with some answers for you and some questions for us and go from there! 

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