Friends Of MWM Digital


MWM Digital has been working with Body & Pole Fitness Studio for around 6 months now and in that time we've worked really close with them in building their website, we've created content for them and we've been part of their events and competitions! Their instructors are amazing and professional - every lesson is full of laughs and a serious work out so if you're looking to lose some weight and gain some strength along with heaps of confidence, then a membership at Body & Pole is a must!


Body & Pole Fitness is an aerial fitness studio. Our team of friendly and supportive instructors offer comprehensive classes spanning a wide range of alternative fitness sessions. We also have strong industry connections, with renowned Pole and Hoop instructors from all over the world that also frequently offer one-off workshops at our studio. 

Our Classes include: 

Pole Fitness

Looking for an intense workout? Pole Fitness is for you! You'll work on your upper body, your core and your thighs. It's a great workout because you're repeatedly lifting your entire body weight for extended amounts of time. In the more advanced moves and combos, you'll be climbing up the pole, swinging round with just your hands and then inverting your body and holding it there. This might sound impossible if you're new to it, but because of the intensity, you'll be joining right in before you know it. Pole dancers gain strength very quickly! You'll notice your improved strength almost instantly. 


After a few months of pole dancing, you’ll definitely notice a change in your body. You’ll be stronger, your muscles will feel firmer and you’ll be less fatigued. With this comes increased body confidence.

You’ll soon start to be able to wear clothes which cling to parts of your body you’d never dream of showing off before. That really is a wonderful feeling and with a regular pole workout, you’ll feel more body confident in no time, and what better way to flaunt your new found confidence than with a heels routine! All the benefits of pole fitness, with more of a focus on routines, looking and feeling amazing and, of course, body rolls! 

Aerial Hoop

Like pole, Aerial Hoop has a huge range of health benefits. Firstly it targets your core and upper body as you'll be lifting your legs up and through the hoop. It'll also improve your core stability and your overall strength as you get into the moves and sustain them. As you get better at sustaining the moves, this will increase your balance too, and overall endurance. From your first class with our amazing Hoop instructor, you'll see just how flexible you can become with hoop too, which will lead to better joint mobility. 

Flexibility Classes 

Wanting to loosen up and work on your stretch? One of pole and hoops health benefits are increased flexibility. Flexibility has many benefits itself, but the main benefit for us is that it reduces risk of muscle injury and it minimizes muscle soreness! Our Flex classes have an increased focus on flexibility, so you'll be bending over backwards and touching your toes before you know it! 

Pole Flow 

When you learn pole dancing you’ll most likely want to put all of your spins and moves together into a routine. Part of the fun of pole dancing is finding the perfect song, picking your best moves and choreographing them with your personal style. This in itself is a whole new skill though, one that you'll learn with Pole Flow! Don’t worry if you feel clumsy or as if you have ‘two left feet’. Your natural rhythm and style will come with practice and with a few tips from our expert instructor!