Tips, tricks and how to's for your Branding, marketing and advertising strategies.

Welcome to the blog!

At MWM we cover a lot of bases. We're Website Builders, Logo Designers, Branding Designers, Social Content Creators, Marketing Strategists, Search Engine Optimisation Specialists, the list goes on! The one thing each of our services have in common, is they help your company or business grow. We want you to grow your audience and grow your income, that's the heart of our business. We just want to help. 

This blog is how we give out generalised help to the hands on business owners that need it. If you'd like to pay us to do all of the work for you, then great! We're happy to (and it'll keep the lights on!). However we'd still like you to know at little bit more detail on the basics of online marketing and branding. 

From the importance of SEO, to why having Facebook matters, to why websites are key to getting more customers. You'll be able to learn a lot as we continually update this space. You'll find Top Tip Lists and How To Guides that'll help you get your business up and running online and introduce you to some of the terminology, methods and procedures you'll be needing. 

If you need any personal help growing your business, check out our Services page, send us an email, fill out the contact form below or drop us a message on our social media (find it in the little links at the bottom of the page).